Padfolio NoteBook Folder - Great for Meetings

Padfolio NoteBook Folder - Great for Meetings

This was our first product becuase we wanted a simple but stylish padfolio to keep our paper notebooks tidy when we went to meetings. I still use it today - many year later.

It is designed to take Letter, Legal or A4 notebooks (side bound) or Letter, Legal or A4 notepads (top bound). I still use paper notebooks and I take my notebook home each day. If I didn't have our padfolio, the notebook would get pretty scuffed and ratty quickly. The padfolio protects the notebook and has a spot for my favourite pen.

These are really popular for conferences when each attendee gets a stylish permanent reminder of your great event.

The padfolio comes in a great matt black gift box and looks great and makes it a great present for everyone.

The Dark Chocolate is the most popular colour and we also have a black and an amber brown.

You can buy these on Amazon now for super quick delivery


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