Black Desk Mat - Protect Your Desk

Black Desk Mat - Protect Your Desk

Our Desk Mat is perfect for protecting your desk from spills and scratches. 

Condensation from a cold glass of water can produce nasty water stains on your timber desk. Our black desk mat acts like a giant drink coaster protecting your desk and so easy to just wipe dry.

If you are like me and eat you lunch at your desk, the desk mat saves your desk from oily food stains.

The Black desk mat is one of our most popular colors and goes really well with white, glass or light colored desks.

The desk mat is made from PU leather which is easy to clean and can be rolled up easily when not in use. PU Leather is better for the environment because real leather uses too much water and pollutes the river systems.

You can buy the Gallaway Leather Desk Mat on Amazon and if you are a Amazon Prime member get free shipping. Click here to buy on Amazon 

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